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Using Technology to Simplify Tenant’s Rental Experience

Technological advances are helpful in many industries, including property management. With Appfolio, you can keep all of your property owner and tenant information organized and readily available. Each property has its own page that contains details such as current tenants, owner, maintenance requests, and all relevant documents. Everything you need to know about a property, owner, or tenant is at your fingertips!

Tenant Portal

The tenant portal does more than allow tenants to easily pay rent online. They can set up autopay, view their payment history, and purchase renter’s insurance. Tenants can also use the portal to open trouble tickets for maintenance-related issues. These trouble tickets are immediately sent to both their maintenance coordinator and property manager for review, so a solution can be found quickly and efficiently. Finally, Appfolio gives tenants the option to pull their own rental records for creditors and future rental history verifications.

Owner Portal

The owner portal gives owners the opportunity to view online statements and any work orders for the property. Online statements show a detailed breakdown of all rent coming in and any costs going out. Work orders contain all details for any work being done, including the vendor’s contact information, scheduling, and photos of work progress. This allows owners to stay updated of any ongoing or previous work done at their properties, even if they can’t be there in person.

Marketing Tools

Another valuable aspect of Appfolio is its marketing tools. Its online marketing syndication function helps owners create professional ads and post them directly to top rental ad websites. Appfolio also offers a rent match comparison directly on their website, which compares your property’s rental rates with similar properties nearby. This helps you stay competitive with your rental rates and marketing budget.

Once a property is posted for rent, potential tenants can apply directly through Appfolio. This helps property managers compile all of the applicant’s information in one place and run their credit directly on the website. This technology helps simplify the application process for both the applicant and the property manager.

As important as technology is in other industries, it can be just as useful to run a San Diego property management company efficiently. Appfolio amplifies the rental experience for both property owners and tenants, thanks to easy access to important documents, simple setup for online rental payments, top-notch marketing tools, and more.

Check out Appfolio today to see everything we can do for your property management business!