Unique Challenges for Active Duty Families

As a veteran who served proudly in the U.S. Navy, I know firsthand the challenges active-duty families face. Logistics for military families can be overwhelming, from separation during deployment to challenging schedules when not forward-deployed. While stationed at Naval Air Station North Island in Coronado, I learned that families find many ways to adapt to military life.

Staying Put: Support for Spouses

One if the biggest hurdles facing spouses during deployment is what to do while their partner is away. Many deployments last 6 months to a year, which can leave spouses lonely, frustrated, and overwhelmed. Navy spouses can find useful tools to cope with long deployments at bases like 32nd Street Navy Station. The Navy Ombudsman Program also provides group events, member phone numbers and Facebook groups for fellow spouses to connect, share and feel supported.

Moving Back Home: A Win-Win Option

Some military spouses decide to move back home during deployment, which allows for support from family with everything from combatting loneliness to childcare. If the military family owns a home near the base, sometimes they rent their home out during this period, especially if the deployment lasts a year or more. For example, an active-duty marine from Camp Pendleton was forward deployed for two years, so his wife moved back home. It was a big help for his wife, and they were able to earn $3,000 a month renting their home. This helped them save over $70,000 on mortgage payments while he was earning full pay during his deployment. It was truly a win-win situation for this family.

Relocation: What to Do Now?

When active duty families relocate to a new duty station, they have to decide what to do with their current home. Luckily, you have great options!

Renting Out Your Home

Many rent out their home long-term as an investment property. If the property has a good amount of equity, it will continue to increase in value, especially in places like San Diego. This is a great option for building wealth.

Selling Your Home

On the other hand, some families sell their home when they are reassigned. They might need the equity for purchasing a new home, or they don’t want to hassle with managing a property from far away.

Whatever the case, you will have the support you need with Advent Property Management or Advent Real Estate. We can help you navigate the decision regardless of what you choose to do.

Thanks for your service, and we look forward to helping you wherever the military takes you!