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Monique Ott-Beacham Broker / Property Manager / Sales Agent ( Inland Empire /Surrounding LA Counties )

Monique has been a California Realtor/Broker since 2004.  Long before this time, Monique renovated and built residential dwellings for sale throughout Southern California yielding at least 30% profits on every sale. In 2006 she assisted in laying the foundation of Advent Property Management and after 10 years Advent still maintains patronage to those initial founding accounts.  In 2013 she moved to Claremont to expand the business to Temecula, Riverside, and San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties.  
After decades of analyzing the rental and renovation & flip housing industries she strongly believes owning rentals is the best housing decision in California.  The goal Monique has for you is for you to have ten fully paid off rentals in your investment portfolio before you retire to help you maintain financial freedom throughout your life.  Call her today to find how she uses a customized rental analysis formula to identify properties that will help you achieve this type of financial freedom. 

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